Richard Barakat

Transportation Designer . Art Center College of Design   When I look back on my life, it's not that I don't want to see things exactly as they happened, it's just that I prefer to remember things in an artistic way.

Smart NTV concept sketches. Marker and pen.

Loud sigh

well hot damn, i only have 3 days left of first term and well shit. that went by so damn fast i don’t even know. all i have learned is: I am basic, I like yellow, some people don’t sleep, some people smell, some people get crabby when they don’t sleep, some people try to attack you verbally when they are tired, some people just can’t deal. to this i respond with some hearty laughter, because damn this first term was so much fun. like i totally enjoyed every moment of it. i enjoyed the late nights, and early mornings, but also all of the sleep i was getting in between them. like i got 8 lovely hours last night and many classmates didn’t. I have to say that time management is soooo key. like I’ve done a pretty okay job at it this semester and feel like next ill do even better. team no all nighters! Ive also made some good friends, and only 1.5 enemies so thats good. i think i talked too much this term but not at the right terms, classic richard. I managed to get 2 pieces in the gallery, and i know its all politics but I’m proud. i have 4 finals left and they are going to be a lot of work but i just need to get down to it. 

overall i have to say i am 100% pleased with how first term has gone. i know i could have done better, but i didn’t get behind, didn’t do bad grade wise, and didn’t feel disappointment with my work so thats a plus. 

thanks, until next time!